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Experienced Physiotherapy Practioner Available At Your Doorsteep

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Most reliable and expert physiotherapist helping you get back on track!

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Best Features Of Our Physiotherapy

PhysioCure is your best companion for specialist physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and fitness. In just a few short years we have gained tremendous trust with our clients.

Manual Therapy

This is a carefully graded system consisting of manipulation and mobilization techniques for the joints in order to reduce pain restore mobility and strength.


Exercise programme and home programme designed to cater the (clients / patients/ individual) needs by enhancing their body functioning.

Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

If you plan to undergo any form of surgey doing physiotherapy prior will always aid in faster.

Pain Management

Have you stopped any activity due to pain and discomfort or do you rely on pain relief spray or sedatives.

What Our Patients Says


• Physiotherapy is a health care profession concerned with functioning of human body, maximising physical potential , improving quality of life , rehabilitation and movement , general fitness and health , planning and providing treatment and intervention based on diagnosis.

• This holistic approach helps an individual to regain functional capacity, promote, maintain , restore and improve physical, psychological, and social wellbeing, and get back to daily living.

• Physiotherapy techniques and treatments are designed in such a way that it addresses the specific needs and demands of the individual based on the symptoms and condition.
• Physiotherapist’s are licensed and certified health care professionals with a Bachelor’s / Master’s degree in physical therapy. They have a good background in medical education and fitness.

• A physiotherapist is trained with knowledge, skills, and tools to re-establish optimal physical health and wellness ,to help prevent injuries ,to promote injury healing and re-education.
• Physiotherapy treatment is opted for a wide range of health conditions such as musculoskeletal conditions concerning the joints, ligaments, muscles, and bones, neuro muscular conditions associated with the brain and nervous system, cardiovascular and respiratory conditions related to the heart and lungs associated physiology.

• Individuals who have trouble in performing normal daily activities, hobbies, sport and recreational activities.

• Individuals suffering from pain, aches, discomfort in the body.

• Any symptomatic condition.

• Individual who wants to achieve a functional capacity, achieve a desired goal.

• It is not mandatory to get the physiotherapy treatment prescribed by the doctor. However , in some cases, yes, the doctor prescribes and advises physiotherapy to the patient.

• In any case, the physiotherapist does a complete assessment of the patient which helps to diagnose the issue or condition depending on the diagnosis the physiotherapist starts the treatment and rehabilitation process.

• Our practice is to give the safest and best possible patient centric care.
• On the first consultation, the physiotherapist takes a proper history, listens to your problems and concerns, examines, and assesses to diagnose based on your symptoms.

• The physiotherapist will thereafter explain and educate you about the diagnosis and plan a treatment as required.

• The therapist seeks to develop a good patient-therapist bond so that the patient feels comfortable enough to share about their concerns and difficulties on this basis the treatment is planned in collaboration with the patient.

• They will guide you on how to perform the exercises , provide instructions for exercises to be performed at home.

• Physiotherapy helps in reducing pain however some conditions/injuries can be painful or can trigger pain during treatment & recovery.

• The physiotherapist aims to make your treatment and recovery pain-free and discomfort free However, some pain and soreness may occur while progressing through the treatment the pain and discomfort usually subsides gradually.

• It is important to communicate with the therapist to find solutions ,as they can modify your treatment if required and reduce pain and discomfort.

• The physiotherapist will guide you on you journey to recovery and provide with results that is long lasting.
• The physiotherapist usually suggests performing the exercises under their supervision to avoid mistakes and incorrect movement or form.

• They also advise some exercises to be done at home the reason for suggesting home exercises is only that the recovery moves on at a fast pace and there is a relief in pain.

• Sometimes individuals try self-treatment, we strongly advise against that and suggest them to seek for medical help.
• There is no pre-determined number of sessions for a specific condition as it totally depends on the patient’s condition.

• If it an acute condition/issue, then you may be suggested you take few sessions and likewise in some severe condition/issues the sessions are usually for longer period.

• The physiotherapist will discuss the treatment plan with you. This may include advice regarding the approximate number of sessions you may require.

• Frequency of the session will be also discussed on the basis of your condition/issue.

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